Our programs

Our Social and Environmental Impact

Our programs aim to promote social relations and environmental sustainability. We believe this will inspire an environmental conscious generation

Mentorthon youth connect

Making sure that youth are properly skilled for the future demands of the labour market is one of the key means of ensuring that youths are connected to opportunities and thus lowering unemployment rates.

Mentorthon Campus

Mentorthon is invested in equipping out of school youths with skills through a platform that brings together senior professional and campus student

Mentorthon Highschool edition

We are currently undertaking Mentorthon 2024 Highschool edition. We have been on this journey since 2016 and the immense impact that we’ve seen across the years continue to push us forward.

How we do it

Tree Planting

Role models and mentors spare 42 hours annually to mentor students Caring for the environment is one of our values we instill to the students .

Solar for good

Grid connections in Kenya are scarce and too expensive for most people in rural areas and in turn, rural schools. Nearly 70 % of the Kenyan population relies on costly and environmentally damaging energy sources. But a green transition is underway which is why in partnership with RESOL (Questworks) Mentorthon will help map schools and power 5 schools in Mentorthon focus areas.

Adopt a school

As more and more people come out of the village, initially to pursue education, and subsequently opportunities to earn income, most communities, and students experience a role model drain.

Donate Books

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” We donate over 5000 books to schools and students. We also add personalized insert notes from Top CEOs, business leaders and Industry experts.

Promote toursim

Mentorthon offers an opportunity for mentors and partners to explore and appreciate the diversity of nature.