Our Solution

Mentorthon is improving transition rates, changing behavior and mindsets, encouraging problem-solving generation, building self-belief, reversing role model drain and teaching self-control.” -Tim Kipchumba, President, Mentorthon Foundation.

We plan, organize and execute a 42-hour mentorship marathon, annually. Mentors dedicate 42 hours of mentorship, hence the mentorship marathon. Students are brought to several venues based on geographical proximity and the number of students. This session begins with storytelling sessions in the morning by chosen mentors and role models. And then in the afternoon, group-based discussions are done.

We complement mentorship sessions with content/books for schools with notes from selected leaders (from brand partners/sponsors). Videos and audio of sessions are taken for Mentorthon online sessions. Role modeling and storytelling have been found to be effective in raising self-efficacy (Albert Bandura, 1977).

We actively learn and listen to students most of them being 17-19 years (median age of the country) to learn and improve future sessions, shape policy and advise schools and our education partners.