Mentorthon high school

Mentorthon Career Master Class

Guidance counsellors make an indispensable part of any school high school. They are advocates in the students’ whole being because they administer guidance of both their personal and school life.

Mentorthon career master class brings together 400 guidance and counselling and career guidance teachers for training how to better prepare students for post high school experience and guidance on career choices.

Mentorthon Stakeholders Meeting

Stakeholder Meetings that brings together, county, national Government, Teacher Service Commission, KNUT, KUPPET, Security, partners and school administration officials.

Mentorthon Subject Panels

Subject panels initiate and guide appropriate curriculum development research and evaluation activities in relevant subjects.

Mentorthon subject panels seek to keep under constant review the existing syllabi in a subject or curriculum area and make necessary recommendations to the course panel and to keep under constant review all examinations in the relevant subject or curriculum area and make recommendations to course panel.

Mentorthon Connect

Through Mentorthon Connect information platform, we aim to connect the 26,000 students with information on post-secondary school training opportunities, to boost the transition rates to tertiary education.

Mentorthon conducts a baseline survey involving the 20000 students in the various Editions to create further insights for the improvements of education in 2020 and beyond. This baseline survey further helps us improve our programs and project.