Why Mentorthon

In 2016, Over 23% of girls under 18 years got pregnant (Daily Nation). Kenya had 379,000 teenage mothers according to UNFPA , with 4% of girls being married by the age of 15 and 23% by 18 (UNICEF 2017).

There were an estimated 500,000+ new HIV infections among the youth of ages 10- 24 years (Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation, 2018) and 300+ out of 5,000 schools experienced student strikes contributing to a high dropout rate (Daily Nation). Currently, the national average transition to Post-Tertiary institutions is 12 %. Kenya leading in betting in Africa.


As more and more people come out of the village, initially to pursue education, and subsequently opportunities to earn income, most communities, and students experience a role model drain. Young people start to lack role models, of people from the same circumstances that have done reasonably well.

Mentorthon is an effort to reverse the role model drain. Role models and mentors spare 42 hours, annually to go back speak to students that look up to them. These amazing personal stories help shape the perspectives of high school students and help them develop self- belief and persistence on their journey to pursue their goals.

Self- control and inspiring self- belief is some of the most valuable skills/habits– proven scientifically to predict character, incomes, and happiness. Research done at Strathmore University Business School led by Dr. Raul Figueroa and Tim Kipchumba (unpublished) reveals that those young men who participated in Violence in 2007 general elections had a very weak relationship between their effort and the things they desired. We want Mentorthon through all our interventions to increase this belief.

Mentorthon was awarded as a 2018 SDG Ambassador by ActionAid Kenya in 2018 and the CSR Project of the Year 2019 by GameCHANGERS Awards 2019

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