Unlocking Potential: Mentorthon Empowers Youth through Self-Belief and Self-Control.

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Self-control and inspiring self-belief are some of the most valuable skills proven scientifically to predict character, income, and happiness.

Research done at Strathmore Business School led by Dr. Raul Figueroa and Tim Kipchumba (unpublished) reveals that for those young men who participated in the Kenyan Post-Election Violence of 2007, there was a very weak relationship between their effort and the things they desired. Self-efficacy was found to predict the likelihood of young people crossing the line to be violent by 49%.

Self-Control /Delayed Gratification as a lever of Significantly better outcomes has been backed by science from the famous Marshmallows Effect. Our goal is to use the Mentorthon model to increase self-belief and encourage hard work and self-control, which are attributes that are found to statistically influence most life outcomes for young people. Our focus the next 3 years is improving education outcomes for students starting with insecurity prone regions.

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