Mentorthon Foundation President Tim Kipchumba

Teaching Self- Control and Inspiring Self- Belief

One of the most valuable skill – proven scientifically to predict character, incomes, happiness is self- control. Mentorthon, was founded on the idea, that stories, role modelling, exposure to what is possible can help grow self-control among young people.

We organize experential sessions bringing together up-pto 1,000 students in one event, and upto 8,000 in 2 days and work with leaders, entrepreneurs, content creators, publishers, brands to bring living examples of hope, success, love, pain. We rely on storytelling, role modelling and speaking to encourage students persevere more.

Any chance you can show young people a way to persevere, to hang in there, to skip the ice cream is a chance you show them how to excel in sports, do well in school, earn more, have happier relationships #2018Mentorthon.

Read more below.7 things marshmallows teach us about self-control via @voxdotcom #Mentorthon #Education


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