“The experience  in Laikipia has been exceptional .Mentoring is such a good experience.”~Sheila Cheptanui

Mentorthon Laikipia-West Edition was a very impactful experience to not only the students but I believe also to us mentors.Our unity and oneness was made stronger,we sacrificially worked together as a team with a lot of joy.We appreciated the resource everyone brought to the team.Great humility and contentment is what I saw in the team.God Bless Mentorthon forever.~Joseph Kipchumba

It is in this Mentorthon Laikipia West edition that  I got the affirmation that we are born ready-made.We are born with all our dimensions open,all possibilities wide open.Entirely up to us what to do with our potential.~Gad Kamarei

Your success as a parent is not determined by whether your kids get into elite schools or prestigious professions.The real test of parenting is not what children achieve ,but who they become,and how they treat others.~Ngeno  Nelson

Our children are the future ;The best way to predict the future  is to create it .~Alex Nderitu

Be a champion today,believe in young people by mentoring and inspiring them .~Allan Kibet

Mentorthon programme is aimed at directly involving the students with varieties of mentors.Laikipia County students will learn,get motivated and get mentored for a bright future.~Kigen Kibet

One of the most imoortant roles for educators today is that of being a mentor.As educators,we are often called upon to mentor  the students.~Miregwa Thomas

Mentors and role models have a chance to create a new relationship and enjoy successfully teaching someone else something new ~Cheboiwo


The best way to shape the lives of young people is to expose them to great people.It is by telling them stories of hope and that anyone can be anything that one purposes to be.~Kamarei Gad

A mentor is more like a trusted friend or advisor to guide you through life based  experiences.~Ian Mark


You  have to do something on your own,do not wait for someone to push you. ~Benjamin Rotich

Your success is largely contributed by your reference group more than anything else.~Yegon


Mentorship is retracting your steps  for the younger ones to learn from your mistakes.~Carol Maina

The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains.The superior  teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.~Clifton Mogaka


I believe an initiative like Mentorthon given its participants from all walks of life can share insight to young minds  so they can make better decisions.~Koima