Get Involved

“Over 80% of our mentors report coming back mentored after Mentorthon”

You could run a Mentorship Marathon in 3 ways;

Be a Mentor.

Join us in giving what you know, and who you are. Do it only for 42 hours a year. You will be both happy and better off. And you will make impact, change the world one step at a time.

We need good role models. If you are  a professional, entrepreneur,artist, a leader, student, we would like you to commit take 42 hours  and share your time, your story with students

Be a Partner.

Government and Country Governments, Corporates (Corporate Social Value, Communication and Branding divisions), Foundations, Research firms, Universities and educational Constitution, advocacy groups are a critical partner in our mentorships.


What are your gifts? Where you are abundantly blessed as a creative? Join us and serve with your gifts.

You can volunteer your social media, organizing, leadership, research skills and work with us.

For more information and partnerships opportunities, please contact us on: or 0712 227 388